Best Clear Face Masks

With everything going on in the world masks are becoming part of our lives.

However there is one thing that masks prevent us from having, even though It has many benefits.

And that is the fact that It covers most of our face which is a crucial part of interacting with one another.

Facial expression is almost as important as hearing someone when it comes to communicating and understanding the person.

That is why clear face masks are recently introduced by many companies.

Clear face masks brings all the benefits of using a mask to prevent virus from spreading, while not taking away one of our fundamental social interactions from us.

Big Crowds at Airports Makes Social Distancing Impossible

Yesterday state department issues a “do not travel” advisory.

This is the highest level of travel advisory.

Due to the travel advisory many American’s rushed to return to the country from overseas.

TSA Union issued a statement regarding the airport issues.

These first responders are at the front line and they are doing their best.

However government, should also do everything in the power to make sure that these employees are protected.

COVID 19 can have negative impact on our national security if our first responders are effected.

More and more citizens will be returning to the United States.

We had 68,000 people return to the country all at the same time.

Israel Issues 7 Day Lock Down Against Corona Virus

Governments mandates “stay at home” order for next 7 days.

700 active cases in Israel.

If they can avoid community spread, government will slowly reduce the restrictions.

Government told citizens that there is no reason to panic.

However similar to United States, people rushed to grocery stores and even waited in line to get in.

Tel Aviv sources mention that military resources can be activated if the spread doesn’t slow down.

CoronaVirus Hits 7 Members of a Single Family, Killing 4

What is it like for you?

Roseann Pradisco Fodera explains the situation as surreal.

What is the current situation?

There are 2 more siblings with symptoms in the same hospital on life support.

Stable condition. There is a long way to go.

There are 19 more members who are tested but results aren’t back yet.

They have a sister on life support but doctors still don’t know if she is positive.

Elizabeth Fusco is extremely emotional trying to explain how she feels.

Before things settle, Phone rings and there is another person gone.

She says they are begging for help and don’t want to get another call like this.

She says she doesn’t know if they are going to be okay.

Life Before And After The Corona Virus

Life has changed since this epidemic started.

New normal is scary as hell, especially because we don’t know whats gonna happen, and how long It’s gonna take.

New Yor times Tom Friedman columnist from The New york times explains:

What are we supposed to think in a time like this?

we have a one goal as a country right now. Major of Los Angeles emphasized it.

President needs to stress this tomorrow morning. We have something that’s not avoidable.

But we can avoid what’s unmanageable.

There is no one in the country that can get this message across other than President.

What is life going to be after this?

We are gonna make it through.

Innovation is necessity. Some of the greatest companies are born in times like this.

Distance learning is important like Khan Academy, but there will be an explosion.

Huge explosion on 3d printing which can help with this supply chain issues.

We will also start manufacturing things close to home.

But this is not the time for United States and China cold war.

They have resources and the knowledge.

President should make a difference instead of making points.

Dr. William Schaffner Warns About What’s Next

We aren’t testing nearly as many people as we should.

So we aren’t clear about how wide-spread this is.

Why does everyone should stay in and protect the vulnerable?

Everything we can do to press down to epidemic curve we need to do.

So that we don’t get a tsunami wave of sick people.

Everyone no matter what the age is, can be a spreader.

And those people with no symptoms will infect our most vulnerable and elderly.

What if you aren’t sick?

You could be a spreader, and might get someone else sick.

Even if it’s not comfortable we need to do everything to slow this down.

When is the last time U.S did lock down like this?

2009 influence swine flu, but we didn’t do anything like this.

We had an epidemic of anxiety with HIV.

There are two outbreaks corona virus and anxiety.

How come we don’t have enough masks.

California Governor Orders All Residents To Stay At Home

All 40 million residents will stay at home to prevent spread of CoronaVirus.

Carl Goldman, Corona virus survivor shares his ordeal.

He feels great and got rid of the virus.

He says the virus hit him for about a day.

Took him 49 days to test negative.

Only few days of symptoms with dry cough.

He says he even misses cleaning up the after the dog, after being under lock down for 50 days.

In San Francisco, people are still going out for runs and walks.

He says his wife spends her time organizing the family pictures which they have been procrastinating for years

We all need to find new ways to operate for few weeks or few months.

More than half of the California residents can contract the virus in next 8 weeks.

State-wide order directed to stay at home for everyone in California.

Governor believe that every will obey.

There are number of exceptions.

You can go to the gas station, or the grocery store.

Public transportation, police station is still available.

California is one of the major population centers in U.S.. More than ten percent of the United States population.

Staying away from one another is the best weapon against this covid 19 virus.

What we are doing is buying time to build capacity and give our health care system to chance to catch up.

Governor was told that entire state was at risk by his health officials.

Directives are consistent with the referandum that was issued by the federal government.

Essential services are still available.

They have identified 60 critical areas that need to be running.

Anxiety & Stress Linked to CoronaVirus

Question is how to fight with the disease when you are also experience stress and anxiety.

Gretchen Schmelzer, …. talks about what we should do

Our individual should see the “we” in all of us.

People should seek the society’s benefit when it comes to how everyone should react to.

What should we be looking for in terms of mental health.

First thing is, teenagers shouldn’t be leaving their homes, and this might effect them.

They should try to stay connected.

Secondly, middle aged kids should keep learning and find ways to educate themselves while staying home.

Finally, younger kids, they are actually getting more time with their parents.

How can we explain kids that they can’t be close to their grandparents?

Her advice is to explain that right now grandma needs a special bubble.

Doesn’t mean that they can’t stay connected.

But young children can understand that there is a way to stay connected even if that’s not physical.

Kids, should still be feeling that love is coming.

Not a single dramatic event, things will be changing. How do you asses your own mental health?

He should encourage people to find strategies to help ease the stress.

These shouldn’t need to stay forever.

But temporary solutions to allow themselves cope.

People will adjust their behavior, they will need to unlearn some stuff when we are done with this.

People are trying to figure out how they will live in this new normal.

We have resources to do it, but we need to adjust and find the way.