Anxiety & Stress Linked to CoronaVirus

Question is how to fight with the disease when you are also experience stress and anxiety.

Gretchen Schmelzer, …. talks about what we should do

Our individual should see the “we” in all of us.

People should seek the society’s benefit when it comes to how everyone should react to.

What should we be looking for in terms of mental health.

First thing is, teenagers shouldn’t be leaving their homes, and this might effect them.

They should try to stay connected.

Secondly, middle aged kids should keep learning and find ways to educate themselves while staying home.

Finally, younger kids, they are actually getting more time with their parents.

How can we explain kids that they can’t be close to their grandparents?

Her advice is to explain that right now grandma needs a special bubble.

Doesn’t mean that they can’t stay connected.

But young children can understand that there is a way to stay connected even if that’s not physical.

Kids, should still be feeling that love is coming.

Not a single dramatic event, things will be changing. How do you asses your own mental health?

He should encourage people to find strategies to help ease the stress.

These shouldn’t need to stay forever.

But temporary solutions to allow themselves cope.

People will adjust their behavior, they will need to unlearn some stuff when we are done with this.

People are trying to figure out how they will live in this new normal.

We have resources to do it, but we need to adjust and find the way.


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