Dr. William Schaffner Warns About What’s Next

We aren’t testing nearly as many people as we should.

So we aren’t clear about how wide-spread this is.

Why does everyone should stay in and protect the vulnerable?

Everything we can do to press down to epidemic curve we need to do.

So that we don’t get a tsunami wave of sick people.

Everyone no matter what the age is, can be a spreader.

And those people with no symptoms will infect our most vulnerable and elderly.

What if you aren’t sick?

You could be a spreader, and might get someone else sick.

Even if it’s not comfortable we need to do everything to slow this down.

When is the last time U.S did lock down like this?

2009 influence swine flu, but we didn’t do anything like this.

We had an epidemic of anxiety with HIV.

There are two outbreaks corona virus and anxiety.

How come we don’t have enough masks.

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