Life Before And After The Corona Virus

Life has changed since this epidemic started.

New normal is scary as hell, especially because we don’t know whats gonna happen, and how long It’s gonna take.

New Yor times Tom Friedman columnist from The New york times explains:

What are we supposed to think in a time like this?

we have a one goal as a country right now. Major of Los Angeles emphasized it.

President needs to stress this tomorrow morning. We have something that’s not avoidable.

But we can avoid what’s unmanageable.

There is no one in the country that can get this message across other than President.

What is life going to be after this?

We are gonna make it through.

Innovation is necessity. Some of the greatest companies are born in times like this.

Distance learning is important like Khan Academy, but there will be an explosion.

Huge explosion on 3d printing which can help with this supply chain issues.

We will also start manufacturing things close to home.

But this is not the time for United States and China cold war.

They have resources and the knowledge.

President should make a difference instead of making points.

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